How to Paint Jewelry

homemade jewelryWearing painted jewelry can help you turn heads whenever you walk into the room.  There is something special about someone who is wearing jewelry that sparkles and shines.  Painting your own jewelry can help you create custom pieces in addition to saving some money.  Below are some of the top tips on how to paint necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

  • Jewelry Paint

Jewelry paint is the easiest way to complete your DIY project.  Before you start, you should disassemble the piece of jewelry.  Then you have to do is apply the jewelry glaze with a brush.  Apply a thick, even layer if you want the paint to look opaque.  Wait until the paint air dries and then voila!

  • Spray painting metal jewelry gold
balance bike jewelry

Gold sprayed balance bike. More Balance Bike Ideas.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase an expensive gold piece of jewelry, you can create something special with spray paint.  A good material to use for gold spray paint is metal.  It is a strong and sturdy material that’ll help your accessory last a life time.

Step 1) Set up a space for you to spray paint- Because jewelry is relatively small; you have the option to set up a space inside or go outside to spray paint.  You will want to find a relatively open space.  Make sure to cover up all of the items that you don’t want paint to get on.

Step 2) Prepare your jewelry- The next step is to prepare your jewelry.  You can prep the jewelry by using steel wool to remove any corrosion.  When you place the jewelry down on your spray paint station, make sure it is flat.  This will help the spray paint to go on evenly.

Step 3) Follow the instructions- After you have created a spray paint station and properly prepared the jewelry; you should read and follow the instructions.  The instructions will probably advise you to wear eye protective wear and shake the can before you start painting.  It might also provide additional tips on how to spray paint specific items or materials.

Step 4) Start to spray paint the metal jewelry- Finally, it is time to start spray painting.  Most instructions will state to hold the can between 8-12 inches away from the item that is being sprayed.  Then you should allow the jewelry to fully dry and apply a second coat.  You will want to allow the jewelry to dry for at least 24 hours before you put it on.  This will prevent any paint and/or fumes from getting onto your skin.

  • Acrylin jewelry paint

A simple way to add a pop of color to jewelry is to add a touch of acrylin paint.  You should follow the instructions on the bottle to paint your jewelry.  Some of the colors that you can choose from include silver, white, yellow, brown, gold, orange, and blue.

Spray painting jewelry can help you save money or create a whole new look.  It is easy to go for gold or transform a simple piece to an over-the-top masterpiece.  A good piece of jewelry can dress up an outfit and help you get noticed.  Homemade jewelry is also a popular gift during the holiday season.  When you paint jewelry on your own, you have the ability to pick someone’s favorite colors and designs.  There are endless opportunities when it comes to painting and customizing your jewelry.